Researchers Prove Gaydar Exists, Kind Of Works

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gaydar guysHere’s a startling piece of news: gay guys are more anal.

Okay, the real phrase most news outlets are using here is "detail-oriented."

When Dutch scientists examined how heterosexual and homosexual people focus their attention, they discovered gays are much more detail-oriented.

This suggests they are able to hone in on even very small details as well as the bigger picture, according to the research, which appeared in the journal Frontiers in Cognition. In gays’ daily routine, researchers believe, this close attention to detail could help them to detect others’ sexual preferences.

"This is the first time that scientific proof has been found for the existence of a gaydar mechanism amongst homosexuals," researcher Dr. Lorenza Colzato of Leiden University in the Netherlandstold the Daily Mail. "This perceptual skill allows homosexuals to recognize other gay people faster and we think it’s because they are much more analytic than heterosexuals."

There you have it: once again, proof that most gay people are more intelligent and enlightened than straights. And, you know, should suffer through marriage like the rest of us.