Robert De Niro And Ray Liotta Will Team Up For A ‘Goodfellas’ Reunion (Kind of)

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Joe Pesce, Ray Liotta And Robert De Niro In Goodfellas
For SpikeTV’s annual "Guy’s Choice" awards – a tribute to dude excellence – Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta will show up to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Goodfellas. First reaction: Goodfellas is twenty years old? It seems like only yesterday I was watching it, thinking how set-in-the-seventies, feelslike-the-nineties it is. Second reaction: Will Joe Pesci be there? Spike is still working on getting Pesci (the best part of that damn movie) to attend even though we know he has nothing better to do. However, Martin Scorcese won’t be at a lame awards show because he’s Martin Scorcese. I’d like to put Robert De Niro in the same mind caliber category as Scorcese, but De Niro has been playing his "I am Robert De Niro" character for years now and at this point in his career, it’s questionable if he’ll ever get out of it. (Would you?)