Top Kill Fails, Obama Gets “Tough” And BP Works On Other Weird Solutions

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Oil Rig

Now that the Top Kill method and the Covering-It-With-A-Chinese-Takeout-Container method for managing the spill has failed, what’s next? Obama’s finally going to step in, right? Kinda! He "pledges [a] tough inquiry." We will inquire so hard, because when it comes to asking why all this oil is still pouring into our seas, we will ask most frequently and with the most urgency. Action! Maybe pressing charges! Eric Holder might go there!

As the oil spill has entered its second month with no sign of abating, and amid BP’s inability to stop the leak, Mr. Obama has struck increasingly angry tones towards BP, the industry in general, and even federal officials charged with regulating the industry. He acknowledged again that lax regulation could have led to the disaster. He said that if the commission determined that laws were insufficient, they would be changed. And if government oversight was not tough enough, he added, that will change as well.

Now BP will try again to divert oil flow to the surface (where the people are) and capture it in a container. It failed when they tried this a few weeks ago, but apparently they’ve worked out the kinks since then? These are all temporary solutions to dampen the flow while BP works on the real plan – building a giant relief well over the hole and then plugging it with cement. But neither of those methods sound as dangerous or as crazy or as possibly a movie version’s solution to an oil spill as this:

…engineers positioned submarine robots that will try to shear off a collapsed 21-inch riser pipe with a razorlike wire studded with bits of industrial diamonds. If that is achieved, officials will need at least a couple of days to position a domelike cap over the blowout preventer, which failed to shut off the well when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.