Your Worst Nightmare: Accidentally Hooking Up With Your Sibling

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Question markWe didn’t dwell too much on that recent (hoax) story about a woman who enjoyed sleeping with her grandson, mostly because the photos looked fake and no one could verify the story. Unfortunately, this tale is probably true, preposterous as it seems…

A young man grows up not knowing his real father or his own true name. One day, he meets a girl in an nightclub and they hook up. After two years, the young man gets the young woman pregnant and they agree to co-habitate. He proposes marriage, she accepts. The young man goes to see his estranged mother over Christmas and tells her of his new life and newborn son. She hears the story, has a complete panic attack and hides from him. He doesn’t believe her when she tells him his girlfriend’s father also fathered him, so he has DNA testing done.

‘Before we found out that my girlfriend is my half-sister, we were talking about getting married and we would like more children. But we will get married and we will have more children.’

The couple do not want their identities revealed because they fear that to do so would have a devastating impact on their young son. They believe their little boy would be stigmatised by society and singled out for ridicule by his school mates.

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