Glamour Magazine and Will Find You a “Foxy Bohemian”

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The June 2010 Issue of Glamour Magazine with Katy Perry

Foxy Bohmeians who use, at least. The magazine responsible for "3 Bedroom Tricks That Take Practically Zero Effort" has decided that its helpless female readers need even more relationship assistance. Using a system of "pre-set qualifications," Glamour staffers are going to select men from and stick them into something called the Glamour Matchmaker – basically a database of Glamour-approved bros for its lady readers. As part of Glamour’s mission to simplify the world via cutesy categories, the guys also will be given tags like "Adventure Seeker" and "Foxy Bohemian." 

The flip-side, of course, is that the unchosen dudes back on regular, will suddenly turn into an unglamorous B-team, the of singles. (Which, come to think of it, could be an alternate partnership. Single ladies could find that "Adventure Avoider" they’ve always fantasized about and purchase discounted air purifiers.)

Also, we must admit, we’re pretty being baffled by how hard it is for Glamour readers to find a date. Maybe they should consider different reading material.