How Do You Feel About This Creepy, Cannibalism-Themed Burger King Ad?

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Remember yesterday, when I posted that heartwarming McDonald’s ad about a gay teen and his father? Well, Burger King has its own new commercial out, and they’ve gone in a…different direction:

I don’t know why anyone ever thinks it is a good idea to have food advertise itself in a commercial. This is why I don’t like M&M commercials: they remind me too much of that man in Germany who wanted to find another guy who would eat and kill him. No thank you, red M&M, I do not want to eat you no matter how good you are telling me you taste with your mouth.

And that’s when the food in the commercial is normally inanimate. But having a pig — which is very much animate — offer a man a plate of ribs and assure him they’re delicious is just blergh. Double blegh because it’s a man-pig. My point is: do these do anything, ever, but weird people out? Quiz time! Choose one:

A) I find such ads highly amusing.

B) Blergh.

(FYI: if you answered A, you might be a German cannibal. Just warning you.)