Image of the Day: Don Draper Goes On a Date With Amy Winehouse

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Okay, so this is actually Amy Winehouse’s new boyfriend, director Reg Traviss, but you have to admit that he’s got a Mad Men thing going on. (It’s the hair. If you can’t commit to the Brylcreem, all you’re doing is wearing a suit, wannabe Drapers!)

A together-looking Amy Winehouse on a date with her boyfriend, film director Reg Traviss.

And, um, does anyone notice anything a bit off about Winehouse, here? Specifically how not off she seems? I feel like I hit my head, fell into a coma, and woke up in 2006. There’s even flesh on her knees, which I think we can all agree is a real improvement.

Guys: do you think we could loan out Pseudon Draper to Lindsay Lohan?

Via The Daily Mail.