James Cameron Goes To Washington To Fix The Spill

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james cameron

If any of these BP spill solutions sound like the fever dreams of a mad filmmaker, just wait. James Cameron went down to Washington D.C. yesterday to meet with scientists and officials to propose new solutions to manage the spilll, as Cameron is "an ocean-technology buff and has been an expert in underwater filming and manned submersible vehicles since his pioneering work on The Abyss in the 1980s." Cool, and discouraging. No doubt Cameron has considerable underwater experience from Titanic. And I’m sure James Cameron raised his hand to come help like the most excited kid in class. But outside of all the very bizarre-sounding solutions, bringing in James Cameron to fix the leak isn’t going to help the public feel any better about this. (Though, if he devises a strategy for stopping the spill with a combination of CGI and Na’vi people, we’ll be impressed.)