Ken From ‘Toy Story 3’ Is Almost Too Human

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Pixar’s incredible wealth of talent and skill finally ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time. Check out this teaser for Toy Story 3, featuring a too human-like Ken doll in a profile fit for Maxim (or Vanity Fairs Awesome Gentleman issue, if you caught that 30 Rock episode).

It doesn’t raise eyebrows when Woody or Buzz or any non-maleable (in "real life") doll moves because that’s good animation: it’s movement, range of expression, making the inanimate not only animate but with personality to boot. When we think of Barbie and Ken we think static in a way we don’t think of other plastic dolls. And Ken’s facial expressions are too rich for a doll with painted on underwear. You are too good, Pixar! You have created a paradox that no one will complain about and everyone will be entertained by. Enjoy all your money and talent, Pixar.