Sixteen-Year-Old Tennis Champ Calls Her Opponents ‘Sluts’

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Oh, to be a sixteen-year-old girl. One day you’re on the high school courts calling your JV doubles partner a slut, the next day you’re in the junior pro circuit calling your internationally-ranked opponents sluts. Regardless: sluts. (They grow up so fast.) It’s hard to take slut-shaming seriously from a sixteen year who goes to, um, Paris and has no interest in partying or drinking. I wish it bothered me more? But tennis prodigy or not, this Laura Robson girl is still a teenager who thinks that girls calling other girls sluts means anything. And in her defense, she later tweeted that the slut statement, which originally appeared in British Vogue, was taken out of context. And while we shouldn’t praise this kind of anti-feminist language, we should celebrate this girl’s commitment to the game which Robson admits puts her to bed at 10pm every night, like a complete loser. (Kidding.)

Via Huffpo