At this point, what is there left to do about the Westboro Baptist Church but laugh? They are so comically insane and meaninglessly provocative that they seem more like cartoons than people. They only have one setting, and that is bananas. With that in mind, why not listen to this hilarious cover of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" by Megan Phelps-Roper and think happily about, I don't know, your gay cousin or RuPaul's Drag Race or something?

Also, this was intentional, right?

Via Towleroad.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Jun 02 10 - 10:15am

Sooo funny! I would love to see them battle the gay men's choir.

Jun 02 10 - 1:10pm

Lady Gaga transcends religious difference, apparently. Exhibit A: Hasidic Wedding band getting down to a Gaga medley.

Jun 02 10 - 4:01pm

The Witches comparison is brilliant.

Jun 02 10 - 8:15pm

WBC is so f'n yesterday that I often wonder how much of their unfortunate ongoing existence can be attributed to people NOT ignoring their petulant little tantrums.