Wildest Sorority Party Ever Causes Almost $50,000 In Damage

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Sorority girls in their underwear

Back on March 6th, the Pi Beta Phi Sorority out of Miami University (in Ohio) held a dinner dance party at a local arts center. The litany of allegations against the girls from this evening is unlike any set we’ve ever seen, and comes across like The Hangover 2, only way, way more out of control.

Finally, over the weekend, the whole debacle came to an end with a $46,555 settlement covering part of the damage and cleanup — which, by the way, took three full days with a professional crew.

Yesterday, internet research turned up the original claim from the Parkersburg Art Center, in the form of a letter to the sorority prez:

Sorority letter after amazing party 

Image (not of the same sorority), via LAist.