Sorority girls in their underwear

Back on March 6th, the Pi Beta Phi Sorority out of Miami University (in Ohio) held a dinner dance party at a local arts center. The litany of allegations against the girls from this evening is unlike any set we've ever seen, and comes across like The Hangover 2, only way, way more out of control.

Finally, over the weekend, the whole debacle came to an end with a $46,555 settlement covering part of the damage and cleanup -- which, by the way, took three full days with a professional crew.

Yesterday, internet research turned up the original claim from the Parkersburg Art Center, in the form of a letter to the sorority prez:

Sorority letter after amazing party 

Image (not of the same sorority), via LAist.

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Jun 02 10 - 1:10pm

Girls will be girls.

Jun 02 10 - 1:21pm

The sorority chapter was from Ohio University, not Miami University.

Jun 02 10 - 1:26pm

Where were these parties when I was in college? Damn, I missed out!

Jun 02 10 - 1:29pm

"The broken sink (which was in a location outside the area rented for your event) is the result of one of your members and her date trying to have sexual relations on it, an event which was witnessed by the event's caterer." Wow, go team!

Jun 02 10 - 1:32pm

Why is it that one third of Scanner's new posts are extended versions of Buzzfeed posts which we are encouraged to go check out by the Buzzfeed box to the right?