You May Believe In Love & Fate Again After Reading This Story…

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kids kissing 

Here’s the story you’ll be e-mailing your Mom today, reversing your decision to avoid letting her set you up with her friend’s son.

You know how she’s always saying, "What happened to Steve, the quarterback, who took you to the prom? Why not give him a call? I hear he got divorced again…" and "Remember that picture I showed you of you and Billie playing naked in the bathtub? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your kids could recreate that photo?" (Okay, that’s just my mom.)

Well, she may not be losing her marbles after all:

Amy Singley and Steven Smith of Fountain Hill, Penn., plan to marry on June 12, 24 years after their mothers shared a room in the maternity ward where they gave birth on the very same day.

The very premature matchmaking was set in motion when Amy and Steven’s mothers became friends. After their arrivals, the two families stayed in contact through their church, and when the two were sophomores in high school, Steven asked Amy out for a date. She said yes, and says now that she knew after their second date that Steven was the guy she wanted to spend her life with. [Lemondrop]

At the risk of spoiling all the fun here, how much you wanna bet neither had ever gone on a date before that?