More Teens Using The Rhythm Method… And Other Strange Trends

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teenage sexSeventeen percent of teenage sex fiends now say they use the rhythm method to avoid getting pregnant, versus eleven percent back in ’02.

The problem with the rhythm method — besides, of course, that it’s ineffective — is that you are not having enough sex if you’re only having sex on certain days where you don’t think you’re as fertile. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t prevent anything.

Here’s a breakdown of what else the survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals:

Nearly 64 percent of teen boys said it’s all right for an unmarried female to have a child, up from 50 percent in 2002. More than 70 percent of teen girls agreed, up from 65 percent, although the female increase was not statistically significant.

Researchers found that about 42 percent of never-married teens had had sex at least once. Of those teens, 98 percent said they had used birth control at least once, with condoms being the most common choice. Those findings were about the same as in the 2002 survey.

Via The Washington Post/AP.