The Girl Who Staged A Nude Invastion At MOMA Explains

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Marina deals with a stripper

It’s days later, and the art world is still buzzing about Marina Abramovic’s final day in a three-month sitdown performance.

As we mentioned Tuesday, someone intentionally puked into the space, then tried a second time before being ejected. But our favorite moment was when artist and diehard Abramovic supporter Josephine Decker, who had camped out overnight to be first in line to sit across from the star performer, arrived at the exhibit and pulled her dress over her head, revealing that she was fully nude underneath.

Decker explains:

When I landed on the idea of sitting naked across from her, I knew that was [the way to pay tribute to her]. I could be, for a moment, as vulnerable to her as she constantly makes herself to us.

I thought nudity would bring joy, spontaneity! Not TEARS, CHAOS. I honestly thought that the worst that would happen was that I would be asked to put my clothes back on. I still can’t believe I was escorted out of the building by a group of guards and told that if I returned, I would be arrested. In “The Artist is Present,” the audience is a huge part of the work, and by entering that space and following the rules (sit silently, do not bring anything into the space, maintain eye contact, and the unstated one: don’t touch Marina), I expected any audience member could stay as long as he or she was willing to be present.

Of course, as Gothamist points out, even though the museum featured nude models standing around on another floor, the entire building is off-limits to nudists.

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