Who Are The Most Overrated Female Celebs?

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Christina Ricci in a seethrough dress

The website Guyism is out with another one of those controversial lists on women, this time: "The 66 Most Overrated Of 2010."

They (dis)honor Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Sasha Grey, choices we wholeheartedly support. But once you realize that pretty much every single female celebrity alive is on the list (I’m sure Betty White would’ve landed at #67 if these jackasses had had enough room), it kind of defeats the "validity" of it.

Kristin Stewart came in at #1. Who even rates her on any list, really? And didn’t these rejects see her trailer seduction scene in Into the Wild? If they had, she wouldn’t have been on here.

As for Miley Cyrus (a little too young, at 17, to be on any "hot or not" list), Heidi Montag (come on, NO ONE thinks this vapid, plastic reality show maven is hot anymore), Victoria Beckham, and Mischa Barton… yeah, no one except weirdos is into them.

Who are your most overrated female celebs? Please don’t say "because she’s ugly." We’re talking about phony, plastic-surgery-worshipping phonies only.