Behind The Scenes Of The Sex Tape Racket

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Kendra Wilkinson flashingKendra Wilkinson… you have rendered me speechless. On Monday’s finale of your reality show, you complained (practically crying) about how your sex tape was "the hardest thing to deal with right now. It’s going to be really hard." The sex tape you yourself released and will be making decent money off of.

Why do celebrities pretend to be freaked out by their own sex tapes? Obviously, they didn’t think they were so bad when they made them. (None of them are wearing any masks or claim to have thrown out the tapes and had them lifted from the trash.)

Is it because they think they’re scandalous, that the public doesn’t want them anymore now that they’ve been seen enjoying their own sex lives? Because the numbers tell a different story — apparently, people actually do pay for sex tapes.

David Joseph is the president of Red Light District, the company that put out the mother of all celebrity sex tapes, featuring socialite Paris Hilton.

"One Night in Paris," he told "Nightline," has shown staying power.

"It’s still selling," Joseph said. He said he knew, the second he saw it that sales would be off the charts.

Roughly $20 million in sales later, Joseph has become an expert in the process of securing and distributing celebrity sex tapes.

This report from Nightline looks at how the whole (tiny) industry operates, while noting that the new sex tape starring Wilkinson is selling briskly.