Diddy: Not Funny And Richard Dunn Died Today

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P Diddy

Diddy’s been on the mind lately. And by lately I mean immediately after watching last night’s Daily Show where Jonah Hill was all, "Diddy’s kinda funny" and Jon Stewart warmly intoned, "Yes, Diddy IS kinda funny! Weird!" or something to that effect. But is Diddy funny? Diddy is funny in the way that William Shatner is funny or Mike Tyson is funny. If you put William Shatner in a roomful of loyal Trek fans or Tyson in a roomful of Bratz dolls it could be construed as humorous because haha – that IS their essence (or the opposite of their essence – also hilarious). The camp surrounding their own celebrity is the funny thing, but it’s not really them. The same goes for Diddy. He was the Puffy and then the Diddy and sometimes he’s referred to as Sean, like a human being, but the other times he’s just making reality show contestants walk from Manhattan to the Bronx to get him a piece of cheesecake to feed his own grandiose sense of self-importance. (I know this from the one full episode of Making the Band I watched.)

Anyway, here’s his video "Bad Boy for Life" featuring Ben Stiller, who is funny, right? Notice Richard Dunn, the old man in the first few seconds of the video and also a recurring ‘character’ on Tim and Eric Awesome Show. He passed away today. We are all connected.