This Week In Sex: Esquire Busts Out The Topless Girls

Sexy Model for Esquire's Topless Photo Shoot

As if men don't already picture you naked when you're riding a bicycle, now there's a vagina bicycle seat cover.

Miley Cyrus is venturing into Britney Spears territory -- she made out with a chick on Britain's Got Talent... and liked it.

My iPhone wants to take your iPhone back behind a middle school and get it pregnant... but hopefully it'll settle for using an iPhone condom.

Katy Perry threatened "unprotected sex" with Russell Brand to deliberately get pregnant if her record company doesn't meet her demands.

Reporters claim that Grindr (the gay hookup app for the iPhone) sees a huge spike in interested parties when it's activated in the White House briefing room.

Stacey Dash says she slept with each of her three husbands on the respective first date, so now she is holding her "kitty" hostage.

Kim Cattrall is done with getting naked on screen: "When I turned 50, I decided that I didn't want to be photographed nude anymore, so you don't really see me nude (in the new movie), you see me doing maybe a physical, a sexual act, but there's no part of my body that is exposed."

And Daisy Lowe, the daughter of Gavin Rossdale and a ladyfriend before Gwen came along, is apparently topless and side-butt-showing in Esquire. (I say "apparently" because I can't believe they're running nudes now.)

Top image of Stacey Dash.

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