Surra De Bunda: The Brazilian Ass-In-Your-Face Dance We’ve Been Waiting For

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There are so many Human Centipede jokes one can make about this video, but why drag the practice of ass-to-face into the dirt? The Surra de Bunda is the latest Brazilian dance craze and I’m sure all non-stripping Brazilian women appreciate the very public gesture of national pride. I hope you have a YouTube account:


And don’t forget:

While the man in the second video arguably enjoys butts in his face more than the first, it feels a little hollow. It’s as he’s saying, "I’m on a stage and this woman is pumping her boom boom in my face and it kind of hurts, but hey, attention!" while the man in the first video gets his nose repeatedly punched by someone’s ass and looks less than pleased.

Gawker via Buzzfeed