Fox News Wants You To Get Naked With Them

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Fox News Spring Break

You know we love to make fun of Fox News — in fact, we busted their chops twice in the past two weeks, both times on sex posts. (Here’s our dissection of their advice for men and ladies, respectively.) So, what to make of their followup advice today, which is entitled "Fox on Sex: Let’s Get Naked!"

Sure, as long as Bill O’Reilly is sent to the decoy post-prom party.

1. Get undressed in the bedroom – not the bathroom.

2. Take baths instead of showers.

3. Sleep naked and experiment with textures in your bed.

4. Create a naked day.

5. Get creative.

Basically, Fox wants you to get naked more often and for longer periods of time with your partner, to enjoy each other’s bodies for reasons other than sexual intercourse. Of course, there’s the other side of the coin — sexy outfits can be just as spicy as your partner walking around fully naked.

What do you think? Would your sex lives improve if you got naked around the house more often?