Penis Shadow: The New Advertising Gimmick

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Shadow penis appears in an adult ad

Yes, yes, I see what I’ve been missing: apparently, my life is not complete yet because I haven’t been haunted by the Shadow Penis.

Miami Living, one of these locally-focused luxury style mags that somehow manages to survive, has accidentally published a penis! Well, the shadow of something that sure looks like a penis.

The mag’s latest issue, which features the appropriately named Courtney Cox on the cover, features an advertisement for The ad features two women, snuggled close under the covers while wearing black bras. A long, phallic shadow with an unmistakable head is cast across one woman’s chest. [Miaimi New Times]

Miami Living claims to not have even noticed the slip-in/slip-up, but their reaction confirms they probably have Shadow Penises up their butts… or something there.

"I myself have looked over the magazine dozens of times (prior to this being brought to my attention) and did not detect anything hidden in the ad, which leads me to believe that must have tipped someone off as a publicity stunt. We trusted them as an advertiser."

You mean EstablishedMen, from your friends at cheater haven Ashley Madison, is untrustworthy? Time to throw myself off a cliff, then…