The Volkswagen Routan: Minivan of Choice For Emerging Serial Killers

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Somehow, I only sort of knew about the game Punch Buggy before Volkswagen started using a variation of it for a new ad campaign, in which people see a VW and punch each other in the arm saying "Blue one!" or "Yellow one!" or what have you. They seemed cute enough, I thought. That is until this weekend, when I saw this one:

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed your little ride around the block, Charles Manson and family. Seriously, what kind of person thinks that quality family time means literally spreading violence among your neighborhood for your own enjoyment? What kind of person thinks, "Aw, look how little Timmy’s eyes lit up when that pregnant lady punched a stranger!" The future leader of a murder cult, that’s who.

And the kids loved watching these people hit each other so much, they want to do it again. Oh, you crazy kids, with your insatiable lust for violence! I give it ten years before this family is cruising around in their Routan, looking for local animals to torture and trying to get neighbors to stab each other.