Joe Biden Playing With Kids In Front Of A Giant Moonwalk

There's some talk about journalistic distance and whatnot surrounding the Biden/Emanuel/White House press corp kiddie water gun party. Should journalists be allowed to chase their subjects around with water guns, or should the subjects do the chasing? News. Politics. Apparently all rules have been thrown out the window because it's a free-for-all in that backyard.

See Joe Biden in his water slide adventure:


See Rahm Emmanuel sort of hang out with Wolf Blitzer:


Look at CNN reporter Ed Henry's twitter feed; he is the most happy person:

Via Glenn Greenwald

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Jun 07 10 - 5:43pm

Super Soaker Parties: A Big Fucking Deal

Jun 07 10 - 8:53pm
robert paulsen

my jealous inner 8 year old is jealous.