A Short History of the Girl-On-Girl Publicity Kiss

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In the past decade, we have truly seen a renaissance of faux-lesbian kissing in the name of publicity. Artists in many fields have made great strides in the name of making out with another girl to generate buzz. Here, a brief history of this explosion of girl-on-girl "action":

2000 – Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair

Sarah Michelle Gellar kisses Selma Blair at the 200 MTV Movie Awards recreating the lesbian kiss scene from Cruel Intentions.

Perhaps the kiss that sparked this resurgence. While recreating their infamously gratuitous kiss scene from Cruel Intentions on stage at the MTV Movie Awards, SMG and Selma probably had no idea the precedent they were setting. (True innovators, them.)

2002 – t.A.t.U.

The members of Russian group t.A.t.U. who faked a lesbian relationship.

Nothing says "I am a talented and passionate musician" like faking an entire lesbian relationship to further your career. You might think this is crass, offensive, and frankly stupid, but at least these girls committed. (More about which later.)

2003 – Madonna and Britney Spears

 Madonna and Britney Spears kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Now we’re talking. Maybe the most infamous of these kisses, the Madonna and Britney Spears kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards made us think we had truly reached the bottom of the barrel when it came to such publicity stunts, considering Spears basically said how fake and for publicity it was immediately after. We were wrong.

2003 – Madonna and Christina Aguilera

Madonna kisses Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Movie Awards.

Wait, there was another fake lesbian kiss at this thing? Sorry, Christina: your thunder was stolen.

2008 – Katy Perry (Is Not On This List)

Katy Perry, singer of "I Kissed A Girl", on the cover of her album Just One of The Boys.

Nope. Like I said above, if you’re going to use fake same-sex urges to get publicity, the least you could do is really go for it. Perry didn’t even kiss in a girl in the video for "I Kissed A Girl." She doesn’t count.

2009 – Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore

Ellen Page kisses Drew Barrymore.

Do these two get a pass because they may have actually been involved in real life/they may-or-may not actually be bisexual or gay? Possibly.

2010 – Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep

Sandra Bullock kisses Meryl Streep at the 2010 Oscars.

2010 has seen an epidemic of these kisses. Here, Sandra Bullock plants one on national treasure Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards.

2010 – Snooki and Jwoww

Jersey Shore cast members Snooki and Jwoww kiss for the cameras.

From the high culture of the Oscars to the low culture of The Jersey Shore, the fake lesbian kiss has truly spread to all corners of our society.

2010 – Miley Cyrus and Dancer

Miley Cyrus kisses a back-up dancer on Britain's Got Talent.

People flipped out when former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus showed us that she was no longer a kid by making out with some random female back-up dancer while performing Britain’s Got Talent, but, like, did you read this time line? Miley Cyrus was SEVEN when the first entry happened. Of course she’s going to do this.

2010 – Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johannson

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johannson kiss at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

And so we come to the most recent example, Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johannson at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. Bullock was accepting the "Generation Award", so it really was fitting that she chose to celebrate the moment with such a signifier of current youth culture. Fake lesbian kisses for all!

(Actually, please give it a rest. Thanks.)