Are These SlimFast Wedding Ads Insulting Or Hilarious?

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Not sure how long these Slim Fast ads have been floating around, but they came to my attention today when Digg picked them up (via Bride Pop). The reaction has fallen somewhere between "Well, if women would stop being so hard on their own bodies, no one would create ads like these" and "This is cruel and unusual punishment."

As always, we value your opinion over all others…

Slim Fast fat brides ad #1

Slim Fast fat brides ad #2

Slim Fast fat brides ad #3

Our favorite reactions, just to get you worked up:

-Here’s a thought… Maybe The guy like’s a woman with some meat on her bones.

-She needs more then Slim Fast. Personally I prefer medium size women, not obese or skinny. While, admittingly, I’m actually skinny, lol. Also, what about men? Women aren’t aren’t the only one’s who get fat.

Via Bride Pop.