Did Sarah Palin Get A Boob Job? Probably Not!

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Recently, people have been speculating that the rack second-closest to Sarah Palin’s heart (the first would be the one that holds her guns) has been surgically enhanced. This post on Wonkette lays out the evidence, which was first presented to them by a tipster who noticed that this Sarah palin:

Sarah Palin wearing a t-shirt that led some to speculate about breast enhancement.

Looked somehow different from this one:

So, did the former Gov. take time out of her busy schedule of tweeting crazy things and also saying crazy things to get plastic surgery? I can’t know for sure (I imagine only Sarah and her doctors could), but I’m going to go with no. As I know from the hours I have spent de-tagging photos of myself on Facebook, getting caught at the wrong angle can do horrifying things. (Things like making a more or less in-shape, twenty-something guy look like he’s in his second trimester.) I’m sure that can explain the difference.

With that being said, let’s stop focusing on things that don’t matter (like the way Sarah Palin looks) and start focusing on things that do matter (like how Sarah Palin is insane but millions of people listen to her).