Meet Japan’s 78-Year-Old Head Cheerleader

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The 78-year-old Japanese head cheerleader

Japan — why have you kept this gem from us for so long? 

She’s a cheerleader like most cheerleaders you fantasize about. She puts on her "metallic silver wigs and waves gold pom-poms as she jumps and dances in her shiny red sequined costume." Her name is Fumie Takino, she’s Japanese, and she’s 78 freakin’ years old.

According to this story on her for Reuters, Takino

started her cheerleading group, “Japan Pom Pom,” 15 years ago and now the members’ average age is 66. The group all looked like typical Japanese seniors until they changed into their practice outfits and danced to a pulsating musical beat, jumping and kicking their legs.

You must read this whole story, paying particular attention to the part about how her family freaked at the idea of granny in those short cheerleader skirts. "Who cares? I just love wearing them!"