Models (Sort Of) Trafficked In South Brazil

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Alessandra Ambrosio

It’s both uplifting and supremely weird; NYT posted a video of the scouting flurry in southern Brazil. It’s a powerful little piece that might make you ambivalent about the model-making process. On one hand they lift these girls out of rural poverty and give them a chance to support their families (one girl’s mom crooned, "I also dream of riding on an airplane and maybe one day I will.") On the other hand the narrator says things like, "In a region defined by mountains and farmland, models would seem an unlikely export here" and also, "genetic cocktail." And did you shudder when the model scout tucked one girl’s hair behind her ear?

It’s hard not to view these girls as the impressionable objects of hungry modeling agencies, albeit with the potential of one day owning a New York apartment like Alessandra Ambrosio’s. (Did you see that place? Oh my god.)