OK, Seriously, This Story Is The One That Will Make You Believe In Destiny

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Kids holding handsHere’s another version of the story we shared with you last week about the engaged couple who met in the maternity ward. (Their mothers gave birth to them in the same hospital room, became fast friends, and then their small town kids grew up to fall in love. Or at least become an engaged couple — readers, myself included, thought their story sounded a bit like an abstinence fairytale.)

Today’s version starts like this: two adults get engaged. When going through photos to show at their wedding, then the man notices the woman has a picture of herself as a kid at Disney World in which the man (as a kid, of course) is in the background — even though they didn’t actually meet until years after. In fact, one was living in Montreal and the other in Florida at the time of the snap.

What really jumped out at me from this story is this line:

“I was glad he proposed before the picture,” Donna said, “because I know that it’s because he loves me and not because he thought it was meant to be, it was fate.”