Survey Shows Lesbians Are Top-Notch Parents

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Ellen Degeneres and PortiaThe medical journal Pediatrics followed 78 lesbian couples and their biological children for almost a quarter century, concluding that gay parents are probably even better than straight ones.

The survey, which comes on the heels of a report we told you about last week on how gaydar is real and proves gay people are probably smarter than straights, is already under attack from anti-gay groups because it was funded by biased outfits like the Lesbian Health Fund. Pay no attention to these fools — this kind of exhaustive research is usually airtight:

Dr. Nanette Gartrell, the author of the study, wrote that the "funding sources played no role in the design or conduct of the study."

"My personal investment is in doing reputable research," said Gartrell. "This is a straightforward statistical analysis. It will stand and it has withstood very rigorous peer review by the people who make the decision whether or not to publish it."

Children from lesbian families rated higher in social, academic and total competence. They also showed lower rates in social, rule-breaking, aggressive problem behavior.

Dr. Gartrell notes that the desire to have children achieve academic success and avoid antisocial behavior is often stronger in mothers and those parents who plan for a birth before actually getting pregnant:

"The mothers were older… they were waiting for an opportunity to have children and age brings maturity and better parenting."