While You Were Sleeping: Another Real Housewife’s Sex Tape

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Gemma Arterton marriedAlmost every engaged woman in Canada believes abstaining from sex until marriage is stupid.

"Heather Holliday became the world’s youngest sword swallower at 19, after taking an internship at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Now, at 25, the beauty with the iron esophagus performs more than 500 shows a year, deep-throating 2-foot blades…"

You know, you could use this map to find out where all the hookers are in San Francisco… not that I’m recommending you break the law. (You could also use the Yellow Pages, but… can’t condone… Yellow Pages….)

Lobbyists accepted $25,000 to attempt to persuade Congress to kill a resolution condemning the Ugandan death-for-gays bill.

I pretended not to care when I heard that Gemma Arterton got married. Caring would be ridiculous.

Danielle Staub, she of "Real Housewives New Jersey," is apparently the star of a 75-minute sex tape with an unidentified man, which she may have filmed fairly recently.

And an understudy on the show "Wicked" claims a birth control pill caused her stroke. Click here to read more.