Your Daily Barack Obama Conspiracy Theory: Obama’s Secret Hip-Hop Career

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Here at Scanner, we tend not to believe Barack Obama conspiracy theories. Let’s go on the record that we don’t think the president is a Kenyan, a muslim, an alien, or is mismanaging the oil spill in order to enact an evil plan that involves the American South caged in FEMA-run work camps. However, this one has us interested:

A few days ago Gawker brought to light a clip that contains plausible evidence that Barack Obama made a short cameo in the 1993 video for Tag Team’s "Whoomp There It Is." The smoking gun is a second long shot at 1:01–the camera does a nice swooping move, zooming in on the face of a man decked out in gold rings, a Compton hat, some Wayfarer sunglasses, and talking one of those clunky cell phones from the early 90s. As far as accuastions go this one’s pretty tame – but holy shit, it really does look like Barack Obama. Seriously: the big ears, the smile, and he looks like he’s using that cell phone to do some serious community organizing.

Now we could sit here all day and debate both sides of the story, and sure, maybe the evidence is stacked against the so-called Whoompers. But come on, it’s totally possible. Everyone knows that deep down Obama’s just like a regular bro who drinks Bud Light, shoots hoops, smokes cigarettes, and if given the opportunity would totally appear in a music video. So until the White House officially denies the rumor, I won’t not believe it.