Glee’s Newest Album Cover Is A Complete Disaster

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Did you watch the season finale of Glee last night? I for one was very taken with it. So much so I even downloaded some of the songs from their special finale-themed album! It was great, though I did think it was a weird choice not to use any of the actors from the show on the cover:

Uh-oh. I think this album art accidentally gave away a whole bunch of spoilers for the next season! Such as:

Puck will now become an overweight forty-year-old man.

Britney will get a controversial body-shrinking/head-embiggening surgery.

Kurt and Finn will be decapitated, only to have their heads glue-gunned back on (maybe this will help them bond as step-brothers?).

Season two will be set in space because there is no gravity in this picture.

Good job, graphic designers!