Loony Christian School Fires Teacher For Getting Pregnant Before Wedding

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Pregnant teacherJarretta Hamilton was working as a fourth grade teacher in St. Cloud, Florida, near Orlando, when she got pregnant. No big deal, right? 

Unfortunately, her gig was at Southland Christian School, which had the nerve to ask her when she conceived.

Of course, Hamilton could have lied and said she was not that far along or the baby was born premature or whatever, but she told the truth: her future husband put a baby in her three weeks before their February wedding.

Southland promptly fired her… and told everyone why.

…the school offended her by disclosing the information about when she conceived to other school staffers and the parents of students…

The school responded to Hamilton’s lawsuit with these remarks:

"Jarretta was asked not to return because of a moral issue that was disregarded, namely fornication, sex outside of marriage. The employment application, which she filled out, clearly states that as a leader before our students we require all teachers to maintain and communicate the values and purpose of our school." [Orlando Sentinel]

Of course, they have a case there, but will it stand up against federal law? What do you guys think?