NJ Woman Wants To Be The World’s Heaviest

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NSFW TVDonna Simpson is a 42-year-old woman from Old Bridge, New Jersey, weighing in at more than 600 pounds. She decided to give up dieting, she says, when her friend died during lypo surgery, and now Simpson is trying for the record — 1,000 pounds.

Only in America, folks. Oh, and you’re going to love these other factoids from a Yahoo! story on Ms. Simpson:

-she has two young children

-spends $750 per week on groceries but has trouble functioning in the kitchen because of her girth

-has diabetes

-has a 39-year-old fiancee (the father of the youngest child) who encourages her behavior

-models for a site called Super-Sized Bombshells. If you’re not into large women, you probably don’t want to click this link.

Despite those who say she’s unhealthy, Simpson counters that her doctor hasn’t complained and that she visits with him four times per year. "I’ve always been comfortable with myself," she tells Yahoo! "It was just everybody else that wasn’t comfortable with me. The bigger your butt is, the bigger belly you have, the sexier you are."