Record-Breaking Nude Snorkeling Attempt Falls Short

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Nude snorklers attempt a world record

Here’s how to screw up your Guinness World Records attempt in two easy steps: 1) Forget/neglect to notify Guinness World Records of your attempts and 2) Fail to draw a sufficient number of participants to actually break the world record.

These poor Australians (and some foreign backpackers) were brave enough to strip naked together in public and in front of press cameras, but they couldn’t even reach two dozen, let alone the 100 or so needed for the nude snorkeling record.

What’s worse is the assessment from Ben Schultz,

boss of nearby Base Backpackers which organised the event, said those who did take part steered clear of a feeding station for sergeant major reef fish just down the beach.

He said: "They get pretty hungry this time of year."

Perhaps everyone made the right call here in just scrapping the whole endeavor…
Nude snorklers attempt a world record in Australia
Nude snorkeling world record in Australia