Teaser For New Mortal Kombat Film Tells You Everything You Wanted To Know About Reptile

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Oof. The teaser for Mortal Kombat Rebirth is bru-tal. The spheres are chirping about whether it’s for a new MK film or a new game, but they got Michael Jai White and did you see how much money they spent on that thing? You don’t hire fight scene choreographers and special FX makeup artists for a video game teaser. Actually, I think you do.

Regardless, it gives us some much-needed back story on the characters. Like Baraka? He’s an ex-plastic surgeon turned face-pierced jungle monster with blades coming out of his arms. Johnny Cage is a pretty, has-been action star. And Reptile was born with a pretty serious deformity and eats heads, because why not. (Also, points on actually using Harlequin Ichthyosis.)