Video: Improv Everywhere Splits Sidewalk Into “Tourists” and “New Yorkers” Lanes

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Remember a few weeks ago, when someone spray-painted a New York City sidewalk to create one lane for tourists and another for native New Yorkers? Well, that someone was Improv Everywhere, and they’ve just released a video of what happens when you try to make people follow that rule:

I seem to recall a lot of "New Yorkers are arrogant assholes"/"Tourists are annoying bumpkins" arguments going on in the wake of this event. Probably because people seriously love having that argument. (Seriously. They want to move in with that argument. They’re thinking of getting a dog with that argument, as soon as that argument stops lobbying for a bichon frise, which they refuse to own despite how much they love the argument.)

Mostly, though, it just reminds how much I hate people who impede on my sidewalk walking. This includes people who walk slowly or people who walk (slowly) in large groups, but unless someone is lost and needs directions, this also includes anyone who tries to talk to me. Sorry, Improv Everywhere: you’ve become the very thing you hate.

Via Buzzfeed.