British College Class Teaches Students To Walk In Heels

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Walking elegantly in heels is an asset on the road to womanhood. Or something. But is it an appropriate class at an educational insitution? For enlightening young minds? And promoting equality of the sexes? Guys?

Chyna Whyne says she set up the lessons at South Thames College in Wandsworth, Tooting and Merton in South London, because she got back problems from wearing high heels as a backing singer.

Five students took the course, which cost the college 750 pounds. Celina Mystery, 16, said it had boosted her confidence in stilettos. She added: "I no longer feel pain on a night out. I can finally rock my heels."

And 750 pounds – using this thing – roughly translates to $1,095 American dollars. When I think about all the money I spent on useless classes which will probably never serve me in the future, it makes me cringe. But at least none of these classes belittled my gender (that’s squarely for high school teachers) or diminished my sense of self in only a way that High Heels For Ladies 101 can.