John McCain Reveals, Via Twitter, That He Agrees With Snooki’s Tax Policy

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Republican Elephant

When it comes to cool, modern things like the Internet, the GOP tends to be a little late to the party. So House Republicans concocted "The New Media Challenge," basically a contest to see who could get the most Twitter/Facebook/Youtube followers. The top three prizes were: an iPhone, a Flip camera, and, in a bizarre twist, a set of steak knives. (Memo to congressional conservatives: you shouldn't be trying to look like the desperate dudes in Glengarry Glen Ross.)

One of the surprising fallouts of all this Republican tweeting is that Senator McCain revealed via Twitter that he and Snooki have virtually indistinguishable views on American tax policy. (Memo to Arizona residents: tanning is not just bad for your skin, it also greatly increases your risk of arrest and deportation.)

John McCain Tweets about Snooki

If all of this reminds you of the first time your parents texted you ("how r u???"), it gets better: the cool kids at the New York Times are, like, totally over Twitter already. In a giant middle finger to the GOP's efforts, the paper announced a new ban on the word "tweet" from its pages. Which puts us in a tricky spot. Do we side with Twitter, at the risk of looking lame? Do we go with the Times and pretend we're, like, whatever? Why was McCain following Snooki in the first place? Politics is hard!