Samantha Bee On Pregnancy, Vaginas, And Her Love Of Stealing Cars

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Samantha Bee and husband Jason JonesSamantha Bee is out promoting her new book… and it’s wonderful to hear her uncensored for the first time:

On writing about her childhood in her new autobiography: "Is it okay for people to know that we had lots of pornography laying around [the house] and that it was no big deal in our home and that she actively let me look at it when I was a little kid? Is that too much?"

On her favorite Daily Show piece: "There was a piece I did at the last Republican convention, about the word "choice." It was a series of man-on-the-street brief interviews. Actually, when we screened it in front of the audience, nobody was laughing, but there was this building tension, you could just feel it. Then, at the crescendo of the piece, everybody had this catharsis at the same time. I cried, actually. But it was such a good feeling. Then I felt sad because then I remembered that [Republicans] are still trying to mess with reproductive rights."

On her pregnancy: "Yeah, I’m huge. I’m like a baby rhino. I’m just getting pity looks from people now, no friendly, ‘Oh, look at you!’ Everyone’s just like, ‘God, are you okay?’"

She told The Frisky: "I mean, vaginas don’t look that nice. Like, little girls have cute vaginas. But lady vaginas, you need a little hair. It makes it look better."

And on sex: "Doesn’t it actually seem like the more people talk about sex and how great they are at sex, the worse they are at it? There’s no question that Madonna is a terrible lay. It just must be true. I’ve always known that. There’s no possible way that’s not true."


She also, it seems, used to steal cars for pay as a teenager. Read more from the NYMag interview for her take on meeting her husband on a touring production of "Sailor Moon" and how she killed "Law & Order." (Click here for The Frisky interview.)