Scientists: New Sex-Extending Spray May Actually Work

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premature ejaculationWe mentioned the anti-premature ejaculation spray sometime back in the day (some crack Googler should be able to dig up the reference for me), but now we have an update: researchers say this stuff actually works! If you consider extending sex from thirty seconds to three minutes "working."

A study claims that a new spray is effective at making sex less exciting for the penis. It’s called "The Marriage Spray." Just kidding.

"Men who sprayed the head of their penis with PSD502 five minutes before sex lasted an average of just over three minutes after three months of treatment," claims CBS News

But since 30% of dudes suffer from some form of premature ejaculation (hey, how much you wanna bet a new movement, based around the idea that sex isn’t necessarily supposed to be tantric/epic/pleasing for women, starts up pretty soon? Scary), and "can be devastating for both a man and his partner, triggering anxiety, depression, and relationship problems," multiplying the sexy time by ten is definitely going to thrill quite a few people.

This part of the CBS story really jumped out at me:

A stopwatch held by the man or his partner was used to calculate the times. "Talk about distracting," Goldstein says. "But that’s one of the strengths of the study; they got real data, not just men reporting back they think they lasted longer after using the medication," he says.