These Nude Fetish Photos of Courtney Love Certainly Don’t Paint a Bleak Picture of Her Life

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Somehow, an edgy photo shoot meant to make someone look like a strung-out drug addict is less appealing when the person might actually be a strung-out drug addict.

Courtney Love's Fetish Photo Shoot

Also — and I am completely aware of how gay this makes me sound — I think this very abandoned warehouse/crack den/Saw murder complex was used for a photo shoot on America’s Next Top Model. I don’t think Tyra would approve — she’s clearly not smiling with her eyes. Can you vomit with you eyes? I feel like she’s vomiting with her eyes. (Regurgitation realness!)

Courtney Love and Amanda Lepore Photo Shoot

Courtney, please do not drag Amanda Lepore into this mess. You can see more of the (edited, sorry) photos, which Love herself posted to her Facebook page, at the Daily Mail.