Tom Cruise Has To Make A Les Grossman Movie Now

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Tom Cruise as Les Grossman

Who immediately thought Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in 2008’s Tropic Thunder was a big ass Jewish caricature? Raise you hand – we all did. We all thought Les Grossman was a big old derogatory Jew symbol. It took little more than prosthetic sausage fingers and abnormally hirsute hands to sign to the audience with big flapping arms – this is a Jew. Or it’s a smart little satire of Harvey Weinstein or Joel Silver? A smart little satire that danced like a dum dum with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards this week.

This is a career ender/ironic career beginner for him. What was his last serious role, Valkyrie? Did you buy it, people? (I didn’t see it, I don’t know.) For a long time he’s been difficult to cast in serious roles because he’s fallen almost completely out of public favor. When you cast Tom Cruise it’s at the expense of the audience’s suspension of disbelief because in addition to the way he says things (like a robot that sometimes yells and sometimes cries), when you watch him onscreen all you can think is, "What a weirdo…I wonder what’s he’s thinking now." But good for him, moving steadily away from serious roles and into camp. Where he belongs. Until he starts casting himself in his own movies.

Via EW