In A Daring Move, American Apparel Takes Back “Grossest” Title From Urban Outfitters

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Sorry, Urban Outfitters: you can’t just make shirts that seem to promote anorexia. You’ll have to actually force anorexia on your employees. Because American Apparel has upped the fucking ante on this race to the bottom. An AA employee leaked this internal memo to Gawker, which asks that managers submit a photo of every potential employee to be reviewed by AA founder Dov Charney himself (probably while masturbating on top of a pile of terry-cloth short-shorts and neon-green velour sweat bands):

American Apparel, I think you really could have saved your time and mine (mine is the more important one) if you had just made this into one rule: "No fatties." BAM. Do you see how quick and easy that was, once you get rid of all the silly ways you ask without asking that all possible ways for a person to conceal any extra pounds be removed from a photo?

Also amazing (…ly awful) is this section of their "Style Guide", if only for a many-hyphened description of their "look" that will actually make you find the nearest AA and set their gold lamé bikinis on fire:

Shoes are an essential starting point for an outfit, American Apparel! Take a moment to think about the fact that someone was paid to decide that while Keds are discouraged, impeccably clean white Keds are okay. I imagine this was probably all figured out in one big, literal circle-jerk of a meeting, in which the higher-ups of AA patted each other on the back with one hand while furiously masturbating one another with the other, fantasizing about a steamroller crushing piles of gladiator sandals. You won that title back, AA. You won it hard.

Via Gawker.