Mexico Vs. South Africa: No One Wins

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South African Team

Soccer: it’s practically all you care about. Which is why you were up at eight am watching the opening ceremonies on ESPN and why you’re shirking your work duties now to watch South Africa play Mexico. Also, it’s streaming live on every site on the internet. You can’t escape it, and it’s wonderful.

But no one won! Here’s a layman’s recap of an otherwise lively game: at first, no one had any goals, then South Africa made a goal, then at the fifty-fifth minute Mexico made a goal, and then they were tied for some time. And then at the ninety minute mark they went into extra time – because they wanted someone to win – and yet no one won. But, it’s just the opening game so it’s okay. Next up: Uraguay vs. France at two pm (because you care so much).