Carly Fiorina Can Make Fun Of Her Opponent’s Hair Because Carly Fiorina Had Cancer

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Republican Californian Senate nominee Carly Fiorina made the hilarious tv gaffe of saying mean things into a live mic while she wasn’t aware that cameras were rolling. What did she say, other than gossiping about how Californian gub. candidate Meg Whitman was "not ready" for Sean Hannity? She made fun of Democratic opponent Barbara Boxer’s hair because why not. The comment is in the last twenty seconds if you want to fast-forward.

Was her comment that mean? Not really. It was a passive-aggressive jab at the Democratic Senate incumbent who, unlike Fiorina, does not oppose abortion or go around speaking at mega churches but who will likely crush her opponent in the main election. So it’s cool. Fiorina did later apologize for the comment. However, it was not without the requisite mention of how she lost all of her hair from chemo from her battle with breast cancer – which not only excuses the catty comment, but makes her almost a saint.