Sexpaint Tumblr Makes Our Love Lives Sound Charming & So 1997

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Here’s this month’s Tumblr-to-book-deal, for sure. It’s called Sexpaint, and it’s a combination of Post Secret, Microsoft Paint, and not-so-hot lovemaking action.

Hilarious, embarrassing and personal sex confessions submitted by Paint addicts.

How hot is your sex life? To contribute, click here. Once finished, save it and submit it here.

That’s basically all there is so far — just three or four pages of submissions (only three or so per page) as of this writing. So, let’s not waste on more time dwelling on the site’s meaning, jumping the shark, etc., and get to a random sampling of the content:

Sexpaint 2

Sexpaint 3

Sexpaint 4

Via Sexpaint (via Urlesque).