The Least Orbitz Can Do Is Make Me Laugh While Selling Me Gum

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For some reason, few things enrage me like a really bad commercial. (God, my life is so hard.) I’m not talking like, ineffective or kind of crappy. I mean commercials that actually reach out of my television screen, slap my face, and piss on my living room floor. More and more these are candy ads (I’m talking to you, Skittles and Starburst) that are Weird-with-a-capital-w and kind of proudly stupid in a way that is, I guess, supposed to appeal to teenage guys? As a 120-year-old man, I am not amused and if you’re going to interupt my enjoyment of my stories to sell me things the least you can do is put in some effort.

(It is important to note here, again, how hard my life is.)

This is all to say that I’m rather into this Jason Bateman and Will Arnett produced commercial thing for Orbitz:

Via Vulture.